Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another WIP Mousie

Hi peeps!

Just want to show your the other WIP mousie that will be attending the Singapore Teddy Bear Show this Sunday. Almost done... =)))

All bears started looking ugly. But, don't give them up yet. Miracles do happen =)

This is what I call "Teddy Acupuncture" =)

I always finish the head first to keep me motivated =)
He is almost........Done..... I have just attached the tail, needle sculpted the paw and footpads. I am crossing my fingers to complete him tomorrow or thursday. I am praying hard to take all the new bears photos by Friday then I can show it here =)

Wish me luck! Good night my friends, I am yawning -.-
Hugs, Wayne


  1. Hi Wayne, please tell me, are all the pins to place the eyes perfectly? Do you trim inside the pins? I have never seen this done and it intrigues me. One of the reasons why I love to see wip.

  2. No, the pins are not used for setting the eyes. I set the eyes with test eyes. This coloured pins are used for needle sculpting the nose bridge =)


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