Thursday, October 27, 2011

The thing I love about bear making

I can't sleep that night before the bear show, I am excited about the show. Every year it's the most fun event that I am looking forward to and how does a Teddy Bear Show means to me?

Making teddies isn't just about the money, even though they are some artists that are doing this full time and I believe that they will agreed with me too. It's the passion and sense of accomplishment that we are searching for. For me, the yearly exhibition feels like an examination for me like the good old days in design school when we create fanciful projects to impress the public and the lecturers -  the feel of gamour and glitz in just that few hours. A Bear Show is a stage where we feel like celebrities, it's the feel good factor that I enjoy. After graduating from the design school, I felt that something is missing in my life and this is it, I have finally found it.

Time really flies, I can say that till today I still can't believe that I can make teddies. The birth of my 1st teddy seems just like yesterday. I have been making teddies for 2.5 years and this year is my 3rd time participating in the show. I want to thank my family for being so supportive and everyone out there for giving me the encourgement and support.

We Love You!


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