Monday, October 3, 2011

Feeding time for Baby Lavigne ^.^

Cute little Lavigne is now 8 months old, still teethless but she is now able to enjoy some good food! My mum cooks porridge for her yesterday and I had my first attempt feeding her.

I added some hot water onto the porridge to make it more watery then i blow to make the porridge on the spoon cools down before i fed her. She is so active, I have to use my legs to stop the baby walker from moving then trying my best to aim for her mouth LOL.

As she keeps moving while enjoying the good food, I did missed a few times for the spoon to enter her mouth - hence as a result she becomes a female santa... HOHOHO...

She is such a good girl, she finishes a bowl of porridge and wanted more. Feeding her is so much fun, I look forward her next visit to our house again.


  1. Lavigne is growing up so quickly, seems just like yesterday that you had pics of a newborn little girl on FB.

  2. Wendy, yes I feel the same too! Every time I met her, she looks different! She is growing so quickly and at the same time I am feeling old! LOL


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