Monday, October 24, 2011

Singapore Teddy Bear Show Part 1 (Introduction to Bear Artists)

Welcome to Singapore! I hope my blog will bring you through the bear show "visually", so please use your imagination ok? =) I hope you will enjoy our show! I am going to break down into a few parts because I know that I have a lot to say. This is the “Gallery” Room.

This is my table. I hope you like my display =)

Esther Lee is our local bear artists, one of the pioneer in Singapore. Her table is next to me
These are my new friends from Japan, Ninna Kanai and her friends

Emi Etchu creator of Sharon & Bear (She is the one that made the cute pup on the newspaper cutting)

Midori-san and Keiko-san from Japan
This is Mr Audie from Netherlands. Look at his beautiful traditional bears! I hope to adopt his bear one day.
Leonard Gotoking from Singapore, I love his Jester Bears!
Fabian is an award winning artist from Singapore,
he is one of the judges for the Singapore International Teddy Bear Awards. 
Here's Komi Bears by Korean Artist, Ko Kyungwon. Chairlady of the Korea Teddy Bear Association.
I love her bears, one day I know I am going to adopt one!
Here's a new friend from Japan! Hokama-san and his beautiful wife =)
At the other hall, the Blue room you can see the Charity bears (Bear For A Cause – Japan Earthquake / Tsunami Relief Donation), Teddy Supplies table, Charlie Bear table, Steiff table and the competition gallery.

This bear is made by Japan artist, Keiko-san
Bear is made from vintage silk kimono and the eyes are swaroskvi, so creative!
The little bear is made by Midori-san. An interesting fusion of Japanese pressed fabric craft with teddy

Cute dressed kitten by Terumi-san, meow!

This is my favourite pair, by Leonard Gotoking from Singapore. I love the colours!

Stay tune for part 2 of this event. Maybe I will post tomorrow again =) *Sorry that I did not vlog this event although I wanted to… Special thanks to all friends that came to the Singapore Teddy Bear Show yesterday and I made so many new friends! Nice to meet all of you =)

Hugs, Wayne


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