Sunday, September 5, 2010

Feeling blue mouse blog has arrived!

Feeling Blue Mouse has arrived Singapore safetly! My family and I welcomes him and gave him some cheese and crackers =)

I have won this blue little mouse in a blog-giveaway, created by Susan Pilotto from Canada. Susan is an artist who specializes in creating one of a kind miniature animals from recycled wool felt fabric. Her workmanship is superb, I cannot see any flaws on the mouse, he is just sooo prefect! =) I highly recommend her creations.

To view more of Susan's creations, please visit her blog "Mouse Droppings"

Here are some images of Feeling Blue Mouse =)


  1. He is so dompletely adorable! I so want one of Susan's creations. She has shared some of her pieces in process, and it's fascinating to see how she creates them. Enjoy "Feeling Blue"!

  2. OK, that should be "completely," LOL! My keyboard has been acting up today!

  3. Isn't he adorable. I will say it again Wayne, YOUR ARE SO LUCKY!

    ps I like your new wallpaper, looks really nice.

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  5. Thanks Debora and Joanne for taking some time to read my blog =) I hope reading this post brings some of my luck to you!

    Thank you for liking my wall paper Joanne =)

  6. He is adorble. Congratulations Wayne!


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