Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March!

Time flies quickly, don't you think so? Today I already the first day of March and there are so many things that I am looking forward to in the next few months.

I have just finished a birthday swap bear last week, and all the swap bears are ready to travel to Canada, South Africa and United States respectively. I am so excited and about my birthday swap which will fall in April. (Yes, sadly I am getting old)

The next event I am looking forward to would be the Melbourne show in May (even though I am not sure if I can attend yet). I have already planned my work schedule and time table on the list of critters to make for the show and the number of hours to work on my bears per day (I have to kick my butt and getting things done :)

I have also done a count on the number of Wayneston Bears I have made so far and till today I made a total of 148 bears! I realised that I have been working much slower pace than what I have been 2 years ago... Am I getting more lazy? Erm... time to reflect...

Do you know that the first Wayneston Bear is born on the same day as Wayne's Birthday? This also means that Wayneston Bears' 3rd Anniversary would be on the same week as well :) This morning, I happily saw 119 blog followers and I think should do another give-away soon :)

So, what's your plans in March? =)

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