Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bon Voyage my 3 Little Angels

Sending off 3 little angels to the post office tomorrow. They are taking their flight to different parts of the world, places that I could not yet to afford, I am so envious of them!

I wish that I could be small enough to squeeze into the same box as them... but i m sure staying in the box will sure make me giddy after the long flight hours...

Left to Right ( Fayre, Pandy and Baby Mocha)

Fayre the lady dragon will be flying to US, Pandy will be going to South Africa and lastly, Baby Mocha is going to Canada to stay with his new mum and siblings.

Bon Voyage little ones, daddy misses all of you, please take care and send my regards to your new dad and mum =)



  1. I hope you have packed nibbles for them. They are all going a long way away.

  2. It's hard to send off our little guys sometimes, isn't it? There have been a few lately that it was hard to part with. But knowing someone loves them really helps.

  3. will be waiting for arrival of little one, ours as well on way, safe travel for all.


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