Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lady Dragon, Fayre

Lady Dragon Fayre is the kindest dragon in Wayneston Town. She love to help the other critters who are in need.
This is Fayre
One day, Fayre found an abandon little horse in the forest. Poor little horse was starving :(

Let me bring you home :)

Fayre brought little horse home and gave him food, the horse was happy and soon they become best friends :)

Soon they become good friends
Little horse's new mum, Fayre

Thanks for reading Wayneston Bears Blog :)

We hope you like our story
Here's is my latest new creation, Fayre the dragon. I really love and enjoy making her. Same as the other dragons I made this year, she has wire armatures on her neck, spine, arms and legs. What's new is her needle felted lids has eye lashes!

Fayre has now been adopted...Thanks

Have  a great weekend! :)
Hugs, Wayne


  1. I absolutely love and adore her. She is just precious. Way too cute for words.

  2. Wayne you have once again created a fantastic, awesome dragon. I fallen in love with her, she is so precious for works. Your story fits her you can see in her eyes how caring she is. I think she the best out of all your dragons,I love your dragons the most of all they are my favorite.



  3. Ack! She is pure gorgeousness! LOVE this little Dragon! Beautiful creation!

  4. what a precious pink lady dragon. I'm so glad she helps every one.

  5. She is not only kind but cuteee! Lovely storyline to enhance her personality. Well done ;o)

  6. What a precious pink dragon, Wayne! I love the little claws!
    I tried to post your lovely comment to my blog from my phone and must have deleted it by mistake. I hope you'll drop by again! I'll be more careful next time.
    Hope to see you later in the year at TBAI!
    Mini hugs,

  7. Wow thank you everyone so much! I guess this is the first time receiving so many comments! You guys are the best! Thank you! =)

  8. Fayre and her little horse are gorgeous Wayne. Love the little story too!

  9. Beautiful work Wayne. I love her story too. I can certainly see why she got snatched up so quickly.


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