Friday, September 28, 2012

Just added a new Steiff Bear into my collection!

I have a few Steiff Bears in my collection. I started collecting them before I became an artist and over the years, I stopped collecting them because I realise my love for artist bears grew stronger so I started collecting mostly artist bears.

Steiff is one of the first company that manufactured teddy bears, they are famous for their excellent craftmanship and quality control.

2 weeks ago, after gyming with my best friend, we came across a bear shop. It's rare to find a bear shop in Singapore and to my surprise they have quite a large number of latest Steiff in their collection. On the window display this red bear caught my attention.

Her name is Victoria, manufactured in Germany, year 2011 with a limited edition no. 1500

I am thrilled, this bear melts my heart and I really want her. She is approximately 12 inches tall standing. What attracts me is the material, it was viscose (carpet) like material with different motiffs embedded onto the backing, it is unique. I asked the sales lady to show me and after holding on to her, I wanted her badly as she is almost flawless.
I hold myself and went back home to consider if I could afford her, she is retailed at $495 Singapore dollars! After chatting and getting to feedback from my friends, I went to ebay to source for the same bear. I found the similar bear on ebay and bought her at $200 cheaper.

Can you see the difference? Yes, the motiff is different, pattern on the face does affect the expression of the bear. I wonder where can I find a similar fabric like this bear? It's unique and I would love to try creating a bear with this material.

Has anyone of you out there seen this material? Please drop me a comment if you do know where to find them, thanks! =)

I hope you enjoy reading my post on my new bear, do come back soon to read about my new swap! =)

Hugs, Wayne


  1. bear looks lovely
    for material - try upholstery shops high end ones, curtain shop, furniture shop where couch or chair could be in material you like and usually they have samples of fabric, I know with us this fabric very expensive....good luck.

  2. I do hope Victoria settles into her new home very quickly. I;m sure the other bears will think she is gorgeous. You have bought a lovely bear.

  3. Thank you Natalia, that's a great idea to look out for this material from furniture shop, I will do it one day.

    Thanks for coming back to comment Kays Kids! =)


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