Monday, September 17, 2012

Wayneston Bear Making Workshop 9 & 16 September

Congratulations to my 3 students on their completion of their new teddy!
They took approximately 10 hours to complete their bear and I am really proud of them.
Among the 3 students, we have another male participant as well, however he is shy and has requested not to have his pictures shown on my blog. It's a pity that we couldn't have his handsome face featured here.
Marcia is an experienced bear artist based in Japan. She joins the class with her niece, Jiayi. It's always nice to see family members joining the same class, we have so much to chat about.
One day I am joining Marcia in one of the bear shows in Japan!


This is the first bear for Jiayi, she is nervous.

Bear made by Mr C, Jiayi and Marcia

Our Group Photo
Thank you for joining our class and we hope to see you again soon! =)
Hugs, Wayne


  1. The students' bears turned out beautifully! I know you must have so much fun teaching your classes. The students benefit greatly from your enthusiasm and experience, and it shows in their bears. Thank you for sharing; it is fun to see others' creations made with your help.

  2. You all look like you are having a great time. Thanks for sharing pics of your workshop!!

  3. The bears all turned out fabulous. It must really be a lot of fun to participate is a class like this.

  4. Thank you everyone! I am glad you like the pictures =0)


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