Sunday, June 2, 2013

Winners for the Wayneston Bears 4th Anniversary Give-away

I apologise for the delay in announcing the results of the give-away. Today we are going to conduct the draw and reveal the 3 lucky winners!

The guest-of-honor this time is my best friend, Philip. As the give-away presenter, I have to ask someone neutral to conduct the draw to be fair and equal. However, I am pleased to be the photographer taking the pictures using my new Canon EOS 6D camera :)))

This year, we have a grand total of 58 participants which amounts to a total of more than 200 tickets in my draw box. To make this draw more interesting, we have invited some of Wayne's bears to be witnesses of the draw.

Here's the Winners for Wayneston Bears 4th Anniversary Give-away 2013:

Philip, the Guest-of-Honor of this draw

 The 3rd Place Winner is..... 

Congratulations 3rd Place Winner - Mary Hughes!
You won a PDF Wayneston Bears Peaches Pattern!

 The 2nd Place Winner is..... 

Congratulations 2nd Place Winner - Aniani Hudson (KittyAnnArt)!
You won a PDF Wayneston Bears Peaches Pattern!

 The Grand Winner is..... 

Congratulations Grand Winner - Bernadette Heffernan!
You won Jessical!

Congratulations to all winners
We want to thank you all for your active participation, as well as all the support and encouragement you have given us along our journey to become a bear artist. All comments and feedback are very important to us and we wish to hear more from everyone of you.

Congratulations once again to all the winners!

Here's wishing everyone a wonderful weekend! =)

Hugs, Wayneston Bears and Wayne

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  1. Hello Wayne! I am so excited to win a pattern, thank you! AniAni


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