Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Back from Brisbane! My 2 new dragons found their mums at the Winter Wonderland Show!

Dear all! I am back from Brisbane this afternoon. It was a long 7 hours flight from Brisbane.

We have lots of pictures to share on our blog, but we will need more time to sort out the pictures and write a short review about the show. We thank you for your patience and please do come back to read more about the show later this week.

I am sharing with you today 2 of my latest dragons. They were both well received by the collectors in Brisbane. Both of them were quickly adopted in the first 2 hours of the show and I am very pleased to have taken a picture taken with their new mums.

Goldwin 8"

Goldwin 8"
 Goldwin has now been adopted ~ thanks! =)
Edra 8"

Edra 8"

Edra has now been adopted ~ thanks! =)

I will be listing a cute little mouse named, whiskers tomorrow. Please drop by to view more pictures of him tomorrow. He will be available on my website.

We wish you a wonderful week!

Hugs, Wayne

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