Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Little Mouse Whiskers!

It is with great pleasure for me, to share with everyone today my latest creation – A little mouse named Whiskers.

Whiskers is just 6”tall, born from rusty copper coloured mohair. He is extremely inquisitive. His bright glass eyes sparkles with curiosity each time he sees something that interest him. With his ultra-suede ears, he listens intently for any noise as he likes to hear everything that is happening around him. In fact, it appears that everything and anything seems to spur excitement to this little one.

He travelled together with me last weekend to Brisbane for the Winter Wonderland Show. Although he was sad to bid farewell to his fellow Wayneston friends who were adopted, he believes that he will see them again someday.

Whiskers has a long wired armature tail which allows for him to strike a variety of different poses. Horsetail whiskers are sewn onto his delicate cheeks.

We hope you will like little Whiskers. Have a great and wonderful day!

Hugs, Wayne

Whiskers has now been adopted, thanks! =)


  1. Whiskers is very beautiful1 Good luck in the new home for the little mouse.

    1. Thank you Conni, Whiskers has found a new home! Thanks for the well wishes :)

  2. I'm sure they will have lots of cheese, where the mouse is going to live.

    1. Thank you Kays Kids, I am sure he would have lots of cheese! Have a wonderful day.


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