Monday, July 15, 2013

Wayneston Bears @ the Singapore Gifts Show 10 - 12 July

The Singapore Gifts Show 2013 is an annual event that has been established since 2006. Spanning over 3 days from 10-12 July, the exhibition attracted traders from across Asia Pacific to showcase their products and services.

A group photo on first day of the show
Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP) invited some of their graduates from the School of Design to participate in this year’s exhibition. Wayneston Bears is honored to be one of the selected few to be part of this collaboration.
With Mr Tony from Malaysia
Wayneston Bears on Display

Wayneston Bears on Display

Wayneston Bears Showcase
Countless local / international buyers and corporate visitors came down to see all the products and services that were on display. Many came to our booth to view our works. I received plenty of positive feedback which was really encouraging for young aspiring entrepreneurs like myself.

With my senior, CJ
My juniors also had a wonderful experience during the exhibition. One of them, Deco Design, is set up by Melvin and Elijah. Specializing in Terrarium, their works are suitable in beautifying homes and offices. Workshops are available for people who are interested. You can visit their Facebook page at for more information. One day, I would also like to attend his workshop......... for free I hope!

Elijah and Melvin (Deco Designs)

Deco Designs Display
Jia Xiang, the founder of Sapiens Design, provides creative designs and solutions to clients.

Many friends, lecturers, current students and graduates of NYP School of Design came to support the event. As a senior,  I enjoy sharing my working experience with juniors who dropped by. Most of them have just graduated from NYP School of Design while others are just about to experience working life. I emphasize the importance of setting up your own goals and visions in life to make it more fulfilling and meaningful. 

With my lecturer, Mr Mike Gan from NYP School of Design

With School of Design Director Mr Soon
Happy faces of my juniors
Thank you for visiting us! With my friend, Joseph

Found my long lost friend, Shandia!
With my juniors (Creativeans) and senior, CJ

Melvin from Deco Design also adopted one of my stuffed creations, Benji. I am happy that Benji has found a new home and believe that Melvin will take good care of him.

Benji found a new home!
I would like to thank Nanyang Polytechnic for giving budding entrepreneurs like us the opportunity to display our works, creating more public awareness of our respective companies and enabling us to network with people.
With my best friend, Philip
I would also to express my gratitude to my best friend Philip for coming down to help me take pictures for me and my friends! 

Group Photo (L-R): Me, Jia Siang, Regina, Mr Gan, Scott (The Design Icon) and Melvin
Thank you for reading the review and we hope to see you again next year!

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