Monday, September 23, 2013

My new pastime

Recently, I have immersed myself to the world of fishes. Initially, I started keeping some goldfishes about 6 months ago and then now, I have began rearing guppies a few weeks back.

Rearing fishes isn't new to my family and me. When I am still a child, my parents kept gold fishes, discus and angel fishes. It can be a pretty expensive hobby and the fishes die easily even with much attention given. At that time, information on taking good care of fishes wasn't easily obtainable especially when my parents do not know how to use the internet.

My interest in guppies started about 15 years ago when my aunt gave me 5 guppies to rear as it is considered the easiest fish for kids to take care of with minimal fuss. Within a few months, I had more than 100 guppies in my tank! As I was still a kid back then, I did not know how to differentiate between the males and females and so they reproduced tremendously! After some time though, I started to lose interest and eventually gave them all away.

I started rearing gold fishes again, thanks to my cousins who gave us some fishes they caught while playing the paper net fishing game. Fortunately enough, I was lucky to find two glass fish tanks on seperate occasions. Although I save money on the tanks, I ended up spending even more money buying fishes to fill up the tank! Hmmmm.......

There are now 8 gold fishes in the bigger fish tank and it has become an impressive gallery for guests visiting my house. 8 is an auspicious number to Chinese traditions. I am sharing some pictures of my goldfishes below, they are really cute, hope you will like them too =)






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