Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Our first pair of guppies from Thailand

To begin my journey in the exploration of guppies and increasing my collection, I decide to collaborate the Guppy Project with my best friend Philip Tan.

Both of us are in awe of the wonderful collection of guppies on several fan book pages, namely the "Singapore Fancy Guppy Group" and "Thai Home Breeder Guppy For Show".

We came across a pair of wonderful pair of guppies from Thailand and agreed to shared the cost of importing them to Singapore.

Shipping fishes to Singapore is fast! It took only just 2 days for the fishes to be delivered to your doorstep.

The male

This pair of guppies are very unique. The breed is known as "Platinum red mosaic big ears half moon tail". Yes indeed, that's a very long name for them! But the name obviously tells us how special and unique they are. 

We chose this pair of fishes as we like the distinct vibrancy of colors, the big ears (pectorial fin) and big tail (caudal fin). I particularly like the big ears as they make the fish look like "flying" in the water.

We also realized that the female is pregnant and we are looking forward to see the babies real soon. :)

Hope that you like our very first pair of guppies from overseas. We do hope to import more variety of fishes to Singapore the next time.

Wayne & Philip

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