Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Thank you for visiting Wayneston Studios at Suntec Convention Centre!

L-R: Wayne's Mum, Winnie, Esther, Wayne and Sharon

We are deeply touched by the large group of visitors mainly our family, friends, students, colleagues and collectors who took their precious time to visit our booth at Suntec City last weekend!

Wayneston Studios and Deco Designs have collaborated to set up a booth from 11- 12 March at Suntec Convention Centre. 

This is our first time having a booth at Suntec. It has been a while since we last did a flee market; probably more than 4 years ago!

This time, we had more variety of merchandise for sale. We brought a wide range of mohair, alpaca, bear making supplies and artist bears for this event. Although the market for bear making is small in Singapore, we are glad to have the support from our Singapore Teddy Bear Club members and students.

Wayne's friend, Michelle came to visit!

Thank you Vivian and her daughter for visiting us!

We are happy to meet our friends
Over the 2 days, there were many curious visitors stopping by. Many were intrigued by the mohairs hanged on the rack and asked us what they were. We took the opportunity to explain and introduce the world of artist bears to them. Many people also took our workshop flyers and hopefully there would be some interested to learn how to make their own Teddy Bear.

Wayne and Evelyn
We want to thank one of our Singapore Teddy Bear Club member, Evelyn, for adopting 2 of our bears Jack and Jill! We are very sure they would be living with a wonderful mum! The Chairlady of the Handmade Community SG, Rachel came to visit us as well and we were glad to know that she will be participating in our Christmas Bear competition too!

Singapore Teddy Bear Club Members!

Rachel and Wayne

Group photo: Philip, Wayne and Melvin
Sharing the booth with us was Melvin, who had a great collection of plants on sale for both days. He specialises in orchids, airplants, and cactus. His booth was popular, with many plants lovers coming to see and purchase some plants to beautify their home. We were glad to have him beside us as he brought us some new customers too!

Over the 2-days events, we were surprised to meet some Singaporeans who make teddy bear many years ago, even before we started making bears! One of the visitor shared with us that she has stopped making bears for more than 15 years! She used to make lots of bears with her husband and it brought them lots of wonderful memories. We were so happy to share our passion to bring teddy bear lovers together and invited them to join our community - Singapore Teddy Bear Club. We hope to meet them again soon in one of the meet up events.

Wen, Racheal, Alice and Wayne
We would like to thank Esther, Irene, Eddy, Winnie, Hui Chien, Joyce, Chio, Evelyn, Rachel, Ryan, Shyamala, Alice, Wen and everyone that visited us last weekend!

Special thanks to my family and my best friend Philip, for helping me in the event.  

We look forward to our next bazaar event again!

Hugs, Wayne

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