Friday, March 3, 2017

Singapore Teddy Bear Club meets the Handmade Community SG

Four of our Singapore Teddy Bear Club members namely Wayne, Esther, Paula and Winnie were invited to join a short meetup with the Handmade Community SG yesterday. 

13 pax turn up for yesterday's event!

L-R: Winnie, Esther, Paula and Wayne
As it was our first time participating, we were all very excited to meet and know other fellow handmade crafters/artisans based in Singapore. The Handmade Community SG was founded by Rachel Ting in 2015. She saw a growing number of handmade artist in Singapore and decided to form this group of community to promote the spirit of togetherness and appreciation of hand crafts to the public.

In total, there were 13 creative people who were able to attend and meetup yesterday. Everyone has their different skill sets varying from quailing, crocheting, Chinese knotting, graphic and fashion designers, leather crafters, needle felting artist, doll makers, jewelry makers, floral arrangement artist and not forgetting the teddy bear artists!

Rachel started the meeting with a short introduction of the community. She managed to bring 25 artists together including us to form this group for a collaboration project. This is exciting because we are going to have a joint exhibition with Maker Faire at the Science Centre happening in July. (Dates and more information will be announced in this blog on later date).

After the introduction by Rachel, we have the ice breaking session whereby everyone introduced themselves and shared their creations with everyone.

Yvette Lim (Specialises in quilting) with Rachel Ting (Organiser of the event)

Lisa Teng and her handmade leather bear!

Lee Peng with her handmade needle felted cat brooches

Noraini with her hand embroidered accessories

Margaret sharing her handmade wearable jewellery

Esther Lee and her bears & dolls

Wayne and his bears

Winnie Koh sharing her handmade beaded jewelleries

Paula shares with us the different types of crafts she makes which includes porcelain dolls, machine embroidering and other handmade products.

Ai Geok with her Chinese knots wearable craft

Vivian sharing her floral display and sculptures
Adeline is a fashion designer! She shares her zero waste wearable art
Overall, it was a fun and joyful event with much laughter. On behalf of the Singapore Teddy Bear Club, we would like to thank Handmade Community for their generosity and hospitality in hosting this event.

We look forward to the next meetup soon!

Join us @ Handmade Community SG
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  1. Wow, this is the kind of group I would love to belong to. What a bunch of talented people.


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