Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Kids Holiday Workshop - Elephant Workshop with Dyan

Wayneston Studios welcomes another young student named Dyan last week!

Dyan is primary six this year, to reward her hard work in school, her lovely mum brought her to Wayneston Studios to make something she likes.

Dyan chose a piece of purple mohair to start her elephant project. It was her very first time sewing and we could see the excitement on her face.

Dyan traced and cut out the pattern on the fabric. Wayne later showed her how to perform basic sewing techniques and very soon she got the hang of it and started sewing by herself.

Her mum, Amanda learnt from Wayne last year has improved tremendously in bear-making. After that workshop she learnt last year, she managed to make another 4 creations by herself! Amanda wants the best for Dyan - that is to learn to appreciate handmade toys and sewing is an essential “life skill” everyone should learn.

After sewing, Dyan stuffed the elephant and Wayne helped her with the closing of the opening. We praised Dyan for her patience as it took her more than 4 hours to complete the elephant.

After the elephant is completed, Wayne took a group photo for them.

We look forward to meeting Amanda and Dyan again soon!


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