Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Kids Holiday Workshop - Polar Bear Workshop with Alyssa

Wayneston Studios welcomes one of the youngest student, Alyssa, aged 5, for her first bear-making class.

Alyssa decides to make a polar bear. She is free to choose the colours of the nose, eyes and the ribbon on the polar bear, completely customised to her liking.

With Wayne’s instructions, Alyssa first insert the nose onto the bear’s face, then stuff the bear with poly fiber using her tiny fingers. Wayne also introduced her to use a stuffing stick to push the poly fiber in to the hard-to-reach areas.

She also learnt to pour in the plastic pellets using a funnel to fill up the limbs of the bear and it’s belly. Now, it’s Mummy Joan’s turn to stitch up the bear and to add on the finishing touches such as the mouth and claws.

Wayne demonstrated the stitching techniques and tips to sew. Being a first timer and no experience in sewing, Joan is surprised that she is able to do it with minimal help.

After the session, both Joan and Alyssa is happy with bring home a handmade polar bear which they made together. It is indeed a time of good bonding and experience!

We look forward to meeting both again next time!



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