Monday, September 4, 2017

Softie Bear Workshop at NUH!

Wayneston Studios is pleased to be invited to conduct a Softie Teddy Bear Workshop last weekend at National University Hospital (NUH).

This event is organised by the HR department to promote "Learning Festival" where staffs will have fun learning new things.


In total there are 25 participants consisting of adults and children. Our team have so much fun coaching them and sharing with them basic sewing techniques to complete their bear.

This is a wonderful workshop for both parents and children as it's a prefect time for them to work together as a team to complete a bear as their reward.

The children helped to stuff the bear while the parents assisted in sewing the opening when done. Our team also demonstrated "string-jointing" technique on a bear and the well-learnt parents were able to help to attach movable arms onto the bears for their children.

We could see the happy faces of parents and children during the session, this really makes all our hard work paid off!

After the workshop, we took a group photograph together!

We want to take this opportunity to thank NUH staffs and participants for making this event a success! We look forward to work together again in the near future!

Wayneston Studios & Team

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