Monday, April 26, 2010

Barney, Pedro and Candice

I have finally find some free time to update my blog =)

There seems to be soooo many things to do but so little time, i really wish i could have more time for myself...

I love weekends, both days are the only free time i can make my bears - 100% focus!!!

Here are the latest 3 bears that have been made which supposed to be ready 2 weeks ago. Hahah... i need more time!

This time round i tried needle felting! It was really cool.. but kinda time consuming but worth while! I have needle felted a carrot for Barney, a heart shaped candy for Candice, eye lids for Pedro (I think is not yet perfect, i'll need more practising) and designs felted onto Pedro's collar and hat.

Barney the bunny (My first male bunny!) 7.5"

Pedro the Mexican Bear! 9"

Candice 6.5"


  1. Awwww they are all very sweet :o) I am impressed with your first needling felting projects too :o) I'm sure you will find it less time consuming after a while.

    Barney is a very good looking bunny, his little waistcoat makes him look so cute too. He has a very charming face.

    Pedro looks gorgeous in his bright Mexican hat and collar, he is a very happy looking bear :o)

    and Candice, well, what can I say, she is so pretty with her pink nose, bow and lovely heart shaped candy, very sweet little girl x'

    All your bears make me smile and I can't wait to see what you will make next :o)

    Bear hugs, Katie :o)

  2. Thanks Katie, I really appreciate your lovely comments =)


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