Monday, April 12, 2010

New miniature bear created!

Look! I have made a new breakthrough!! A 2.5" Miniature bear!!! WAHHAHA!
He looks so funny though... i posted him here for a laugh, hope to share the laughter and joy to the viewers =)

This bear is created with a bear kit given to me by Katie, thanks!!!
I have a hard time doing this, he is soooo tiny! My clumsy fingers just keep failing to listen to me :P anyway, i m happy to create him =) I salute to all miniature bear artist out there.

The smallest bear i made before him is 5.5" now ---> 2.5" wow such a big jump! Hahah... i think he is the smallest i can made, any smaller = no go!!! (maybe next time when i get better :p)

I m so happy to have him now in my palm =) Have a good laugh...


  1. I think he is a gorgeous little bear for your first attempt as such a tiny bear :o) He has such a sweet and friendly face, I think you should have a go at another one :o)

  2. Hi!

    This tiny winy bear made me smile... To be honnest, I do not think I will ever try to make such a micro bear. But we never know.
    You really did very well. He definitely has a loving face and we can only love him.


  3. Katie: Thanks for the gift, i will definitely make another better one next time.

    Sophie: I m glad he make you smile =) I am thinking that i will be going for a 3.5" next time, as this size is just too tiny! Lol...


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