Friday, April 30, 2010

Baby Coley & Alfy

New Wayneston baby Coley is born! Make from the same pattern of Gabbi, but he has a different look! =)

Alfy is my 2nd full coloured pink bear that i have created... if u have the time, you can take a look at my first post, which is the first bear i have learn to make from my teacher. =)

Both are now available in my online Etsy shop.


  1. Both wonderful! I love the color of the pink bear. I am in love with the design of the panda. I really am attracted to bears with short legs. He is really a sweety.

  2. Awww Joanne, thats vry sweet of you to say that =) Thanks for the comments, I will design more short legs bears... LOL

  3. I agree I especially love your bears and pandas with short legs, it makes them even cuter and more cuddly! :) Coley is the most adorable little panda :) He has such a gorgeous face. Alfy is a very pretty shade of pink too :) I love all your creations, wonderful x

  4. Thank you Katie, you are very kind~ Thanks viewing my blog =)


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