Monday, April 12, 2010

Celebrating Wayneston Bears 1st Anniversary!

I am proud to announce Wayneston Bears is 1 years old! Woah, time flies... I could never have imagined myself making bears and now... it’s 1 year old!!!

Its a difficult path to become a bear artist, there are so many hurdles and difficulties that I have had to face... every time I looked back, I smiled and said 'it's worth it!' I would like to say Bear Making has changed my life!!! There are so many nice people around me giving me a push to make this possible, if not I might have given up...

I am glad that I’ m still pursuing my dream to become a toy designer, maybe right now as a bear artist you would say it's totally different! But from my point of view, its still considered a small little part of achievement that I would like to conquer... Toys are too vague... soft toys, designer toys, legos, barbie dolls, Bandai, Tomy... etc, too many to define! Bear artist are just so exclusive =) They cannot be mass produced, this makes them special =)

Special thanks to my teacher Emen Chen who taught me the art of bear making =) Without him I wouldn’t have been able to fulfill my dream, get to know so many nice people around me, he is the greatest man I have ever know. I hope that I will become a good artist to repay his kindness.

Special thanks to Fabian Song, another teacher whom I have always called my grand master, pioneer bear artist in Singapore. Although he hasn't taught me any skills on bear making, he gave me some feedback on how I can improve my bears. If there is a chance, I would love to learn more tips from him.

Special thanks to my lovely mum, who gives me support, teaches me how to use a sewing machine and sew the lovely clothes for my bears.

Special thanks to my friend Katie, who purchased my first bear in Etsy =) She has given me lots of encouragement and this makes me feel warmly. I know there is always someone out there giving me moral support. Thanks for the gift you sent me, I really love it =)

Special thanks to Urenda, for giving me a chance to display my bears in A Bear Place =) I will continue to make better bears for your lovely shop.

Special thanks to Joanne. You might not know this... you are the source of encouragement too. Before I started bear making, I saw your bears and they really really touched my heart, I wanted to be somebody like you =) your work inspires me each time I see them. I was fascinated the first time when you commented on my work in facebook, the feelings could not be described, I felt noticed...
Thank you, you are a star =)

Bear making has given me soooo much... I love everyone that I know =)

Wishing everyone good health and good fortune =)

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