Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A bunny for a bear, both named Herbert!

Last year, Lisa Heiland and me has made a deal to do a swap! So, we sent out our parcel after New Year's Eve and they have finally arrived at our hands.

Lisa wants a bunny and I want one of her bears.
Herbert the bunny, which was posted a few post ago is specially made for her. She has decided to name the bunny Herbert and after showing me her bear, I think Herbert would be nice for cute little bear too, so both of us named the Bunny and Bear - "Herbert"... :)

Lisa Heiland's artist profile:
Lisa is an award winning artist who make mostly realistic bears. She has been making teddy bears for more than 25years (WOW!). Her bears, Leadbottom Bears (LB Bears) is actually named by her mum on one occasion when she picked one of her new bears up in her hand and said "oh what a leadbottom! because it was so heavy with steel shot. She thought it sounded good at that time and used this name!

Lisa started out with craft shows and made her teddies out of wool suiting and dressed them. She is a doll collector as well, but after she went to her first bear show, she fall in love and wanted to become a full-time artist. She bought a sewing machine self-taught to sew and design. Years ago she was featured on "Del's folks" televison program. Lisa is always drawn to the teddies that look real with lots of detail and this is what she wants to achieve in her work.

Check out Lisa's new Facebook Fan Page here:!/pages/Lbbears-Lisa-Heiland/278065068915535

Photography and Bear by Lisa Heiland

Herbert the Bunny, specially created for Lisa

Thank you Lisa for this wonderful swap! I really love Herbert, he is so gentle and sincere. I am so happy to add another new bear into my hug this year :)


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