Sunday, January 15, 2012

Wayneston Bears is featured on Teddy Bear Review - February 2012

Yeah! We are featured in the latest Teddy Bear Review Magazine (Feb 2012 issue)! Ah...this is fun. In this issue of TBR, there is this page topic named " Bears Around the World" highlighting the various artists from Asia, Australia & New Zealand.

Some of the featured artists are my friends as well! I am so happy to see them in the same article as me =) You can see a write up of my teacher, Emen Chen on  the same page as me, I feel so honoured =)

Thank you TBR for giving me another opportunity once again to be in this prestigious magazine. This is a great start for year 2012!

I am sharing the article here for your reading, just click to enlarge. Enjoy!
Hugs, Wayne


  1. Lovely article, Wayne! Congrats! Hugs, Janice

  2. Thank you Janice for sharing this article with me =)

    Wendy, I am glad that you like the article, thanks!

  3. Fantastic article Wayne congratulations on this, you are an awesome artist your creations are of high quality. Hugs Halcyon


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