Monday, January 30, 2012

Behind the scene pictures for《我的小小发明》Think Big

It's really funny to see myself talking on TV... It feels awkward and embarrassing LOL...
After the programme aired on Sunday morning, we went to one of our relative house for lunar new year gathering and guess what...they are all watching the show over and over again... at least 6 times! The programme has become a Chinese New Year entertainment show for the family... -.-

At relative house
Some of my friend send me messages with words of encouragement and praises, I am really thankful for everything. I am lucky, very lucky :) One of my friend even recorded a cd for me! Thank you Joey :)

The 3 days production is really fun, we get an experience of how the work life and schedule of the film crew would be like. It's  really not easy, especially you have to carry lots of heavy equipment, start work early in the morning as well as working on the weekends. We spent most of the time waiting, there are a few NGs and repeated actions for different camera shots. One of the most memorable event was on the 2nd day when everyone started off the first camera roll without any NG, the producer is very happy with our preformance and who knows... the cameraman look back at the tape and realised that the host has forgotten to wear his spectacles, hence we have to reshoot that scene again! LOL

Day 1 - Shiyu, Cindy and me

Cindy, Shiyu, me and Ming Jie

Day 2 - Discussion of concept with Shiyu

The drawn concept by Shiyu :)
Practise makes perfect! I realised that we were less nervous on the 2nd and 3rd day of the shoot, maybe we are used to face the camera. On the first day, I am really nervous... and you can see my hair looks kinda messy too :(

Director Wai Ru and Me
Shiyu the little girl is very shy... when we first met to talk about her design, she could share with us on her concepts and the problems she faced. But when camera is on, she is loss for words (in fact...i m the same LOL)

The host is a young man name Xu Ming Jie. He is the Champion for last year's Star Search. Despite of his young age (23), I am very impressed with his ability to deliver his speech clear, fast and sharp. He is friendly, very confident and helps to liven the ambience. I would describe him as a catalyst that triggers off sparks and chemical reaction for the show :)

Ming Jie and Me
Initially there was a script prepared, however the director took them away and wants us to be natural and say whatever we want without the script. I think that is a wonderful way to deliver this programme since it's a reality show.

Oh! The teacher and technican of Yu Ying Secondary are very friendly as well. Next episode their design and technology teacher, Ms Cindy Chua will be on air as well :)

Wai Ru, Me, Shiyu, Ms Chua, Cindy
The design and technology workshop is my most favourite place during secondary school days... going back there really brings me good old memories, it feels so nostalgic. I have once inspired to be a design and techology teacher too and this time round has sorta fulfil my dream as well :)

Design and Technology Workshop
I would like to take this opportunity to thank The Moving Visuals and Nanyang Polytechnic for offering me this chance to be on this programme. If there is another chance, I would love to give it a go again!

Photos with Wayneston Bears

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  1. You were such and important part of this program. I had no idea as you kept that kind of secret. What an opportunity. You did wonderfully.


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