Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lunar New Year House Visits!

I think Chinese New Year is the time for family bonding. As it's a 2 days public holiday, most of us would visit relatives' house. The houses are filled with laughter. Very often you can find the adults playing with poker cards and mahjong games. As for the kids, some of them would sing Karaoke songs and play computer or card games.

First Day of the New Year. I worn blue even my psp is blue!

I decided to dress down on the 2nd day with my mum

Dad and mum worn red on the first day. 

Cousin, me and baby Lavigne
This year is special, we were at one of our relative house and there is a lucky draw sponsored by few of the cousins. Everyone is excited!

Gathering to see the results

Each family is entitled to one lucky draw ticket

My uncle and cousin presenting the awards

My aunt won 4th prize!

The grand winner is... "GRANDMA!"
Grandma is so lucky! She won the first prize! What is the prize? It's $181 into the tin container donated by everyone. She is so happy and we have never seen her so happy before :)

Below is the video of my grandma and her grand prize. Congratulations grandma ^.^

I have another video to share soon, maybe tomorrow. Please visit again ok?
Hugs, Wayne


  1. Thanks for sharing your New Year celebration pictures. Your grandma looks so happy to have have won the prize!

  2. Yes she is very happy! We are happy for her too :)

  3. That was a fun tour of your gatherings and visits! Nice to see your family and all the fun you all shared. Looks like you all had a great time.


  4. Thanks for dropping me a comment Ginger! I am glad you like my family photos!


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