Thursday, January 19, 2012

Something new, something blue ~ Here comes Blue Ice Mountain Dragon!

I have been making something new, something blue lately and a new dragon named Blue Ice Mountain is born!

Last year my friend Janice Woodard (Booh Bears) has given me 2 pieces of blue Silk Rayon as a gift, they are so beautiful that I wanted to keep them for myself and waiting for a day that I can finally use them for the right creation and the day has finally come! I have never use Silk Rayon before although I have 2 pieces at home but I haven't tried them yet. I keep telling myself that I must be brave one day enough to work on them! Stop chickening out! LOL

I got this dragon's name from an Alcholic drink called the "Blue Ice Mountain", I think this name is pretty cool! I have never tried the drink (I am a bad drinker) but maybe next time I will try ;)

Beside having difference in the material, I have added fins and claws to this dragon. This makes the design complicated and more time consuming but I am having fun :)

Blue Ice Mountain is now available for adoption on my website:

Have a great week!
Cheers, Wayne


  1. Estoy segura de que te ha costado muchisimo trabajo hacer esa pequeña maravilla, pero ha valido la pena porque absolutamente maravilloso.
    besitos ascension

  2. Oh Wayne, you worked PURE MAGIC with that fabric! I am honored, in some small way, to be a part of your magic! xoxo, Janice

  3. Thank you Ascension, Happy New Year!

    Janice, thanks to be part of my magic, your hand-dyed silk rayon is irresistable! =)


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