Sunday, January 8, 2012

Start inspiring the young ones today!

I have never thought of a day being in a position to inspire someone or anyone. I just do what I love and want to do. I got my inspirations from my many artists and sometimes I will pop by their blog's comment box or facebook chat box to thank them for inspiring me even though I am just a stranger or passer-by. I just feel that this is the right way to show my appreciation towards them. I want to thank these people for being generous to share knowledge with us.

Few days ago, a young girl (new bear artist) send me a private facebook message. She told me that I am the reason for her to start making bears and how she feel inspired after viewing my work. I am touched by her words and wanted to tears. I told her that this comes in cycle, her mum (a very famous bear artist) inspired me when I started bear making and I never know today, I am here in return to inspire her daughter! "I believed that one day you will inspire others too, just keep trying and do your best!"

When that day comes you will feel "WOW, I have done a great job and I am proud of myself" :)

Start inspiring others today! Pass it on!

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