Friday, January 6, 2012

Sumptuous Meal @ the Gallery Hotel!

It was our department's New Year Retreat 2 days ago, my manager brought us to the Gallery Hotel for lunch. She has recommended us this restaurant named Zenden.

My first plate of food! More to come :)

Zenden serves modern comptemporary and Asian cuisine. We had a hearty buffet lunch @ just $25++

A wide variety of Japanese delicacy, Salmon, Tuna, Clams, Oysters etc

A close up view... I am drooling LOL

The Salad bar

Money Bags, Pastas, Beef and Something special - "Turkey Curry"

The variety of food might not be as much as places like Seoul Garden or Marshe, but these amount is more than enough to satisfy your hungry tummy! The food is good, very fresh and we all says the service is of a 5-star standard. The staffs are friendly and very efficient, they are always around to change your plates and refill your glass.

The view outside
The interior has a Zen feel. A very simple and spacious layout, you won't feel cramp in there as are lots of walking space for you.

Interesting furniture design

If you look carefully at the furnitures, you will realised that the legs of the table are actually made of scaffoldings structures and the top is just a piece of glass - a very creative piece of furniture design! The tables near the windows are levitating in the air with the support of wire cables hanging down from the ceiling and tightly secured to the floor tiles.

A quiet and cosy place!

Pleasing and relaxing place, highly recommended
I would highly recommend this place and will visit again! For those that are interested, this is the address:

Gallery Hotel Singapore
1 Nanson Road @ Robertson Quay
Singapore 238909

Here are my rating for this restaurant.
Price: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Food Variety: 4/5
Service: 5/5
Location: 3/5

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