Monday, January 2, 2012

A Swap Proposal for Wayne's Birthday ^.^

Calling all Bear Artists and Doll Artists!

Wayne is looking for someone to do a swap with him for his Birthday in April, are you interested to be one of them?

Wayne knows that creating a bear or doll takes time, so this proposal is released 3 months in advance! Wayne hopes to do the swap in mid of March so that the parcel could arrive on time for his birthday. He is now looking for 2 - 3 artists for the swap, it doesn't have to be a bear, it can be an animal or doll etc.

If you are interested to do a swap with Wayne, please send him an email to , subject title "Birthday Swap".

Wayne will announce the names of the artists on his blog on 14th January.
Thank you! =)

Found this image on the internet, has anyone read this book before?

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