Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bon Voyage Jamie and Joakim

Little Jamie and Joakim has found a new mum! I will be sending them to the airport today.

Bon Voyage my little ones, hope you'll find new friends in USA. I'll miss you, I am sure you'll miss me too wouldn't you?

A friend asked me a question on facebook before...
"Wayne, I have no bear making talents. :-( When I see all the beautiful bears that are handmade with such love I want them all! How do you artists let them go? I realize you make them for a living but I would want to keep every one. I'm glad you can let them go to good homes because if your didn't, there would be a lot of unhappy people in the world. :-) "

My reply:
I think the same too before I am a bear artist. But after I start to make more and more i realise practise makes prefect. Everytime i make, I will do my best to make a even better piece. It's hard to let go sometimes, but I need to let them go out to see this beautiful world - places that I can't afford to go! I believe some day, when have extra money to see the world, Wayneston Bears will be waiting there for me to pay them a visit!

If you are an artist, I would love to hear how do you feel about letting your creations go to their new homes. If you are a friend of Wayneston Bears, I would love to hear your some of your thoughts too... or just popped by and say hello! =)


  1. Hi Wayne! I have the same problem as an artist ;-) I love every of my bears and it's hard to let them go :-( But it makes me happy to think they are all over the world and to know they make someone happy in the new family, too.
    It's a gret thing that both of the bears have found a new home, will they live together in a new home? That would be great for them ;-).
    Lot of love

  2. Come to my blog for a reward.

  3. Alicia, thanks for commenting on my blog. Yes, both of them will be living together with their new mum in USA, I am sure they'll be excited to go to such a wonderful country.


  4. It's hard to put any of my bears into a box to go off to a new home, but it's also exciting knowing they're going to be loved. :o) Congratulations on Jamie and Joakim going to their new home. They're so very cute, and how sweet that they'll be together.


  5. Hi Wayne.

    I'm a Danish bear artist and I have sent many bear out in the world. Sometimes its really hard to let them go, and some I still miss, but then I think of the smiles they will bring to others.
    Lisa Astrup.


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