Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sebastian my new double neck bear

Hello everyone! Here's our new Wayneston friend name Sebastian =)

Sebastian is a friendly grizzly bear living in the Wayneston Forest. He loves honey just like Pooh Bear.

He is made using 4 different mohair and I have given him a double neck design which allows him to tilt his head & neck to different angles and directions. I have so much fun making him.

In the past, I had made several double neck bears but they all happened to have long necks... which makes them turns out to look like dinosaurs... LOL!
They are so ugly that I didn't show them on my blog :p I hid them in a box and sometimes i do bring them out for a good laugh =)

Here are some pictures of Sebastian, hope everyone do enjoy viewing him and give me some comments on him. He will be available today on Bear Pile.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend =)


  1. Es precioso Sebantian me encanta,que espresion tan dulce tiene, menudas manos tienes para crear osos son todos muy pero que muy bonitos enhorabuena. Saludos. Yolanda.

  2. Wayne he is fantastic! You have done a wonderful job with his neck. You can't even see it! Love the four colors too.

  3. Sebastian es un osito fantastico.
    Me encantan los colores que has utilizado, realmente genial.
    besitos ascension

  4. I really like him, Wayne! Great job! Now, there must be a way you can repurpose the long-necked bears you have stashed away. Maybe one could turn into a giraffe? LOL! I don't know. But it's good to enjoy our creations, even if their necks are a little long. :o)


  5. I love the 4 different mohairs, and the double neck design. I have a double neck design sitting in the wings ready to be made up, but I think I need about a week off work to play around and make sure it will really work okay! Anyone want to tell my boss I need a week off to make bears? :oD

  6. I just love him!!! He's "bearfect"! The combination of mohairs and the new neck give him a beautiful expression.
    I hope you take your poor "long neck bears" from time to time out and let them have fun and play with the other "short neck bears" ;-). The life in a box can be horrlible (giggle, giggle) ;-)
    Lot of hugs
    Waiting for your next creation

  7. Thank you so much everyone. I appreciate all your kind compliments! =)


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