Sunday, September 5, 2010

New Bee Bear name Augustine

Let's welcome a new bear in Wayneston Town, his name is Augustine. This is my 2nd attempt to create a Bee Bear. The first is named Junie, created and adopted last year during the Singapore Teddy Bear Show.

A year has passed, i have finally decide to create another new Bee Bear. This time, I tried to make a better design and I enjoy making him and so does my mum, she really miss Junie and kept asking me to recreate another one. I guess she likes bee bears.... especially the wings!

I m even planning to make some fairy bears in the future when time permits. Creating something new is always what I m looking for...

Augustine will be available on Bear Pile and Etsy.
Dear friends, I would love to hear some of your comments on Augustine =)


  1. Yeah! I agree with you! You have to do more bee bears! He is great!He seems to say " hey, where's my honey?" Lovely.

  2. Beautiful! I really like the honey and black fur combination. And the wings! did you make them yourself? They are great.

  3. Really cute! I especially love his big ears and the two toned design on his head! Beautiful Beautiful!

  4. Thank you everyone! Thanks for the compliments =)

    Joanne, the wings and feelers are all handmade by me. They are made and bent from wires, finishes off with colour shadings and glitters =)

  5. Hi Wayne! Thank you for following my blog. Your bears are amazing!Augustine is cuter than a puppy.

    Victoria :)

  6. Hi Wayne!
    I love Augustine, you have combined two wonderful colours and created a very special bee bear. You realise that once he's been adopted you'll have to make another for your Mum, she will be heartbroken.
    Warmest Hugs,
    Sandi @ Bearly Sane


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