Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Staying Positive

Thank you so much for the encouragement and suggestions on yesterday's post. I am feeling much better today, the news yesterday makes me really worried that I wanted to write in on my blog of my thoughts at that moment.  I have received emails, comments and messages from friends on facebook and whatsapp, it's really feels comforting. The outcome of whether I can attend the show or not will have to wait till mid-march when the date of the major event is confirm.

I am staying positive and pray hard that I can still attend the Melbourne show. I have already planned what to make for the show and started making new bears/animals since January, I want to show my collectors some of my latest creations. As I always say that shows/exhibitions are very important to me, they are just like a graduation display for final year project in school, it brings me back to the good old days. A bear show/exhibition is just the moment that I always look forward to show my work to the world and within that few hours; I feel proud of myself and my family feels that too. That few hours makes all my hard work worth while.

I doesn't want to say negative things about my ex-company, because I love my job as a designer and I love toys. It's sad that how things had changed over the years and how people's attitude have changed. I want to say that my love and passion for toy design will never change and I will continue to design, innovate and create till the moment I stop breathing; nothing's going to stop me.


  1. Hi Wayne
    Glad to hear you sounding more positive today. I am sure it will work out well for you.
    Attending a show in person is important as it is such a wonderful opportunity to meet collectors and other bear artists in person.

  2. It is great you are looking on the positive side. I hope it all works out.


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