Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Singapore, my WIP Bear

I haven't been using my computer lately, trying to break away from staying long hours sitting in front of a computer because they really make my eye sight gone worst and making my belly bigger...LOL

I have been spending some time making bears, exercising and playing games! It's a bad thing to play this new card game on the mobile which gets me so addicted... they really know that I have a soft spot for card games and I have been spending many hours playing to become one of the top players in the game...hahaha

First of all, I wanted to wish Singapore a Happy Birthday, I really like the holiday! Whooohoo, I am not working for 5 days so this give me more time to work on the new bear which I am planning to complete this week.

As promise here are some of my WIP this week.

The bear cut into pieces before sewing

I call these "Happy Feets"

And these are my "Happy Paws"
She is almost complete, I will be working on her needle felted face tomorrow. I hope she turns out well, if she does she might be ready for the next magazine feature =)

Time to sleep, good night! =)

Hugs, Wayne


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