Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Update on my WIP Bear

Here's the big girl that I am working on right now. This bear is going to be special to me because I am going to try different techniques on her.

I am brave this time. I completely shaved off the fur on the muzzle right to the ears and forehead area. She is bald! While doing this, I referred to my friend, Joanne Livingston's blog as I progress. I guess the time has come now that I really need to make something different. It's already August and I need to accomplish the goals which I have set earlier this year which is to create another bear with lockline and a needle felted face.

Moving on, I felted her face with Corriedale wool, starting with the coarse felting needle to harden them and finishes off with the finest felting needle to smooth the face. A nose with another different colour is also felted onto the face.

After complete, I brushed dilute acrylics onto the face but it wasn't performing well at all as it makes the face wet. So, I poured the acrylics onto my Iwata airbrush and starting to spray on her face and Wala! I just love it! I am so glad that the airbrushing equipment which I have purchased last year has been made to good use! 

The nose has been harden as well and tonight I am going to root pieces of tan coloured mohair onto her face. This is so exciting and I love challenges.

I will share more progress of this big girl later.

Hugs, Wayne


  1. You are brave. Well done, I will be interested in the next instalment.

  2. Very exciting Wayne. And she is looking great, really great. I can not wait to see her done. Bravo to you on being brave.

  3. Thank you everyone. I have taken more pictures of her and will be writting more on my blog tonight =)


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