Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Story of Wayneston Bears - Celebrating Wayneston Bears 2nd Anniversary!

Uncle Wayne's long long story.......

Wayneston Bears was born on 17th April 2009 - the day which I created my first bear named Rosie. She is a bear which I made for myself on my 24th birthday (12th April) however I couldn't finish her on the same day... and I complete her the week after.

After making my first bear, I couldn't sleep for weeks because I am overwhelmed and excited. I hardly believe that I can create my own toy, a dream that I have been chasing since young. After making a few bears under the guidance of my mentor, I discovered the joy of bear making and was inspired to be a bear artist like him.

My real name isn't Wayne, this name is chosen because my chinese name have both initials "W & S",
eventually I have decided to name my creations "WayneSton" Bears. As I know I will be meeting many friends from all over the world, an English name will be appropriate for my friends to address me =)

On this special occasion I would like to thank my mentor, Emen Chen who taught me the art of bear making. I am very thankful for his encouragement, without him my dreams wouldn't fulfill and there will be no Wayneston Bears. THANK YOU TEACHER EMEN =) I hope you are reading this...

Last but not least, let's celebrate Wayneston Bears 2nd Anniversary! Weeee =)

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Above is the promotion that we have this month, please note that if you wish to adopt any of my creation listed on Bear Pile / Etsy / Website or do not have an Etsy account, you can email me directly and I will send you a paypal invoice.

Thank you so much for all your support, I enjoy reading all your comments. Thank you for popping by to read my blog again and I LOVE YOU ALL!!!



  1. Happy anniversary!
    your teddies are beautiful!

  2. Feliz Aniversario!!!
    Tus peluches son fantasticos, me encantan.
    besitos ascension

  3. Happy anniversary to you, Wayne! I love your bears and rabbits and dogs. My favorites are Bernice and Baby Mocha. Keep on making your animals!

  4. Congrats on your anniversary and the write up in Teddy Bear Review!

    Hugs, Kelly

  5. Maria, Ascension, Debora and Kelly, thank you for the lovely wishes. I will work harder to make more beautiful creations!

  6. Hi Wayne, I also love your gorgeous little animal people. I cant believe that you have only been making bears for two years!! Your work shows so much talent, and thank you so much for keeping a blog. I enjoy reding about your life and keeping up with your work as I find it very inspiring. Wishing you many more happy anniversaries and fantastic years of bear making!

  7. Congratulations Wayne
    I love all your different little characters. Here's to many more years of creativity.

  8. Congratulations on your second anniversary Wayne. It is really hard to believe you have been doing this for only two years. You have come far. Emen is a good teacher, but it is also because you were born with the talent.

  9. Thank you Claire, Wendy and Joanne. Till today i still can't believe that I am able to make my own teddy bears! I will do my best and create more beautiful animals to share with everyone here. Thanks for the lovely comments =)


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