Friday, April 29, 2011

Humphrey the Little Hedgehog

Here is Little Humphrey, a hedgehog that is specially made for a collector in Canada.

This cheeky boy is so lucky to find a new home far far away from Singapore! Do you know that the flight from Singapore to Canada takes about 24 hours? Yes, that's 1 day and the flight ticket is super expensive!

How I wish one day I would have saved enough to fly there to visit my friends and Wayneston Babies. I believe one day I would do it =)

Good bye Little Humphrey and please say hello to you new mum!
I will miss you too...


  1. He is just gorgeous Wayne!!!!!!!

  2. Very cute! I'm sure you will travel someday. What fun to meet other artists and visit your Wayneston babies, too.

  3. Thank you Linda and Debora =) One day I might have saved enough to visit both of you too!


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