Sunday, April 24, 2011

Here comes Panday, his name is Harumaku!

This week, we welcome our new Wayneston Bear on board, his name is Harumaku.
Harumaku is my latest design, he is double neck jointed which allows him to have many fun poses ^.^

I have spent a lot of time making him, it's really fun and I enjoy the process. I hope you will enjoy viewing his photos here.

I have listed Harumaku on Bear Pile, you may view more pictures of him here.
Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!


  1. He's absolutely ADORBALE, Wayne!!! Well done!!

  2. He turned out really well Wayne. I love how his head can pose. A very cute bear.

  3. Thank you Katy, Cheryl and Joanne. I am so happy that he turns out better than I expected. Luckily he isn't a dinosaur that I have to put him aside. LOL

  4. It's so sweet it makes you want to hug him!

  5. Cuddly and sweet Wayne ... just the way a Panda should be!

  6. Thank you so much M.Narbon and Sandi =)


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