Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Day!

This week everyday is a Panday for me, Panday = Panda Day! =)

I am now working on a double neck panda, you can now see that he is waiting for him limbs and arms to be jointed then stuffed. I am sure he is a boy... and i am still thinking what kind of accessories suit him.

I hope that he will turns out beautiful, it's really tricky to make a short double neck jointed bears - if I failed, the result will become another dinosaur bear :(

This is a sneak preview of Panday. He has no name yet, any suggestions?
I had a wonderful day today beside making Panday, I woke up early in the morning 7am to have a video conference with my friend from Canada! It's amazing how the internet makes things so convenient, we can even see and chat with friends on the other side of the world =)

Here's a picture of my friend Katie and her son, Logan. Thanks Katie and Logan for the wonderful birthday presents =)

Yeah today is a public holiday because it's Good Friday and tomorrow is Easter Day! Hence, there shouldn't be any excuse for me not completing Panday! Hehe, this week i am having 3 days of bear making day =)

Happy Easter everyone, may peace and love be with us. Have a wonderful weekend with your family and friends!

Cheers with bunch of hugs,


  1. Hi Wayne,

    Good luck with your project and the three days to work on your creations!

    Also, Happy Easter to you and yours!



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