Thursday, December 1, 2011

Are you in the Mood for Christmas?

Yes, I am!!! Definitely, in fact I have already started my shopping last week :p
Erm what are the things i gotta get?? Lemme see... clothes, shoes, watch, bag and maybe more BEARS! LOL...

I am not a big spender, every day after work I will go back home to start sewing bears, blogging and watching dramas... just a very home person. But Christmas is the time that I would really spend for myself, it's the time that I think that I should get what I deserve for working so hard for the year.

Clothes? Yeah, definitely need to get a few of them. I am wearing the same old pattern everyday... I think my colleages are getting bored looking at me wearing the same thing for a year! Hahaha!!!

Shoes? I really need to spend more to get a better pair of shoes. The average costing ones have poor quality soles which wears off easily, it could only last me less than a year! Some are even worst, the skin starts peeling off over time due to rain and shine... I think having a good pair of shoes that can last is very important. I don't really mind spending more than a hundred bucks to get one.

Watch? Yeah... it has been for years since I last have a proper watch which lasted me for 8 years! Too bad it has already RIP, so i gotta get another one soon. The one right now i m wearing cost less than 10 bucks which I bought from bazaar in Thailand, it's cheap and good. I shall keep this wishlist optional.

Bears? Again? Hahaha.... as I have always told my friends, ~ the more the merrier :)
Lately I am kinda crazy over BJD dolls, my favourite ones are Lati and Fairyland dolls... they are just too cute to resist, but the price seems too beautiful for me to afford too... This is optional as well

The Lati, in my wish list, I wish Santa give me this as present =)

Last week, I fulfilled another childhood dream! That is to take picture with Santa! Here's the pic!

Me and Mr Santa, Hohoho!

We are Carollers

I am wearing an outstanding green shirt and shorts, LOL
Last Saturday was fun, I am one of the carollers singing Christmas Songs to club members. It's my first time learning to sing so many Christmas songs! We sang about 10 songs in total, even though the group is small but we manage to make everyone indulge into the feeling of Xmas.

Thanks for reading this today, Do you have any wishlist this Christmas? ^.^


  1. I am smiling from ear to ear. what a fun post. I love your list, and all the pictures. Thanks for this, I needed some holiday cheer.

  2. Good for you. It is always nice to spend money on yourself. I find that buying supplies to make things is my way of spending on myself. As for BJD's - don't do it. It is addictive. LOL. I have 6 of them now - all new additions and have two on layaway as well. I love the new holiday Lati's and Fairyland have the most gorgeous ones out of them all - even their big ones are beautiful. Have a great time spending money on yourself. You do deserve it.


  3. Joanne, I am glad that you like my pictures =)

    Tracey, wow you have so many BJDs... comeon, share one with me? :p Hahaha. I have one DIM doll and I really like her, as you sure knows dolls and bears goes well together. One day I hope to get one and learn to design my own doll. :)


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