Thursday, December 8, 2011

The fur for making Bears

Mohair is produced from the Angora Goat and Alpaca fur actually comes from an animal called an "Alpaca" - though they look quite similar to a Llama, but they are not the same! Both types of fur come in a large variety of colours, textures and densities. They have a woven backing and therefore it has minimal stretch upon stuffing. Mohair and alpaca can last for many generations, you can even pass the bear to your great grand children!

Angora Goats



Besides Mohair and Alpaca, some artists uses Sythethic Fur also know as Faux Fur on their creation. Most artists are no longer using real animal fur (eg. mink, fox, rabbit etc) because we care and want to put an end to animal extinction. I also know that some artists get these fur from recycle jackets/coats to create life-like bears.

Most Miniature Artists are using shorter pile fur such as cashmere, rayon, viscose, plush and sassy fabric etc. I have not tried most of them but have a few bears in my collection that are made using these material.
I hope you have a better understanding on the fur we use and I know one day I am going to try miniature fabrics and perhaps recycled mink fur =)

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