Saturday, December 24, 2011

Xmas Dinner with my Gfs

I had a wonderful time with my friends last night, we chat like the good old days in school. We had gift exchange and I've gotten myself a ear piece!
It's really nice to meet old friends again, ever since we starting working, most of the time we couldn't find time to meet up. I hope we can meet up soon again, thanks ladies for inviting me to the dinner & Merry Christmas! ^.^

P.S They said that they would come to read my blog post about yesterday's dinner :)

Xiao Yun and Jean

Cookie baked by Justy, very yummy :)

Justy and Xiao Yun

Tingle and me

Xmas Xchange at Group Theraphy Cafe

Justy got a Mp3 player!

I have gotten a ear piece

Xiao Yun got a beautiful water bottle and voucher

Jean is happy to receive a pen and note book
Tingle got a cosmetic box from Muji

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