Saturday, December 17, 2011

New doll arrives! ~ Another xmas gift for myself :p

Before I become a bear artist, I actually wanted to be a doll artist, to be specific - a Ball Jointed Doll Artist. However I got hold back because I did not know how to start to become one. In fact, I borrowed doll books from Library, bought some sculpey clay and even resin compound which cost me a hundred bucks (They are still hanging in the air!). Even though I have done something to make "it" happen, but I failed, I think I gave it up too easily. (I am kinda regreting now)

However, I didn't stop there. I continued to search for someone who can tell or teach me more about toy design and lucky enough I found my mentor, Emen Chen who taught me bear making and eventually I picked up this art and enjoy making them till now. I am glad that I am still doing what I like and fulfilled my dream =) But lately, my doll making urge is calling for me again... I am not sure if I should give it a try again.

To start, I have to understand how the BJD mechanism and joints work, hence I purchased a naked Hujoo Doll, a pair of glass eyes and eye putty from Ebay. It's really affordable, costing me less than 50USD in total. As a product designer, I am specialise in designing furniture, electronic and life style products, a dollie figure seems to be much more easier for an art student to handle. (I gotta find a way to figure this out!) Anyway, I plan to explore and learn to remake dolls. (One of the project for year 2012) If I never try, I'm going to regret and never know if this is meant for me.


They arrived yesterday!

Glass doll eyes and eyes putty

Very posable, she can sit!

She can stand without support too!


  1. So exciting Wayne. I can't wait to see you work on her.

  2. Yes very exciting Joanne, I can't wait to see your doll arrives and your remake =)


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