Monday, December 5, 2011

Filming for a TV programme

I am one of the selected students from my design school to act as a mentor to coach a secondary school student in a Chinese Televison Programme. (I am surprised that the director has choosen me) It's a 13 episode programme, half an hour each which will be aired on Channel 8 between Jan - Feb 2012. I will appear on one of the episodes with Wayneston Bears on the show =)

The filming has taken 3 full days last week, it went smoothly but it's a very tiring process. Although this is not the first time of me appearing on TV (I was on tv last year, maybe i should go find the video to share here), I am still nervous and could'nt sleep for the past few nights. LOL.

I have learnt a lot from these 3 days and met so many new friends =) I think this opportunity is meaningful and enriching, I will share pictures here after the episode is aired.

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