Sunday, December 11, 2011

I have added a new Tab on my blog!

I hope you like the Christmas background that I have designed for my blog =)

Are you aware that I have added a new tab named "The Making" on my blog? This is specially made for you to know more about the making of Wayneston Bears and some basic information to know on bear making.
If you have some comments for me to improve on writing this page please do so, I would be happy to update the page!

I have taken some pictures of my latest squirrel named MaryAnn and she will be on ebay tomorrow morning. Do come back tomorrow to see more pictures of her. Here's is a preview of her :)

Hope your weekend is fun! XOXO


  1. She is so beautiful, the perfect color for a Christmas squirrel. I love all of her accessories too.

  2. ps. the new page looks great. I always like seeing what goes into making bears, or anything for that matter.


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