Friday, December 9, 2011

Interesting Facts / Myths about Bear Making

Do you know that even an experienced artist can't determine the making of a male or female bear from the start? Interestingly, I have asked many of my bear friends and have discovered this. Some of the artists can only make boys whereas some only make girls. For myself, I can only determine their gender after I complete everything, trust me... the bear will tell you if he is a boy or a girl then you can considering dressing him/her up!

I do believe that the emotions of an artist is portrayed on their bears. All the 5 senses are infused into our creations inadvertently. I have seen and heard some artist's bear look like their creator or even look like their children! Ironically, look around and you might find resemblance between the artist and their bears! =)


  1. So true Wayne, I had a boss that used to tell me that my bears looked like me around the eyes. I think that the bears look like my dog Pico, he often sits on my lap while I work.

  2. My bears look like my cat Mischka. He has quite long fur and a little round face, just like some of my bears!

  3. Thanks for writting me some comments! Joanne and Wendy =)

    LOL, my friends say my bears looked like me because we all have big and rounded bellies. Hahaha!


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